Learning letters smartly

abcJump helps your child learn the ABC’s in a fun, interactive fashion. The app provides a rich visual and auditory experience that will enchant and delight your child and you as well. It’s an app with intelligence and verve that will engage everyone in your family and provide hours of fun for both you and your child.

The short video clip below shows the first 30 seconds or so of game play on the iPad. I’ve added a short animated banner at the bottom (did you know that’s called a “chyron” in the biz?) that explains what’s going on; it’s not part of the game itself.

abcJump is also available on the latest, 4th-generation version of the Apple TV. Just go to the App Store on either device to download the app. I frequently have promo codes available, which makes it available for free: email me. If you download abcJump on one platform, it automatically becomes available on the other. Two for the price of one!

Here's the iTunes page for the app. If you’re reading this on an iPad, you'll be able to download the iPad version from here:


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