Howard Katz
3771 Sunshine Coast Hwy
Roberts Creek, BC
604-885-7662, email:, web:
Employment and Professional Activities
2010-2011, 2013 Fatdog Software British Columbia, Canada
Wrote VPM Lite, a contracted iPhone app that demonstrates the capabilities of a project management methodology known as VPM (Visual Project Management).
2010-2011 Fatdog Software British Columbia, Canada
Wrote Follow Anyone, a slightly whimsical Twitter client for iPad.
2009-2010 Deluxe Digital Studios Portland/Los Angeles (remote)
Lead programmer (subcontract) on the iPhone version of pocket BLU, a remote-control app for Blu-ray DVD players.
2007-2008 Medicard Toronto, Ontario/Vancouver, British Columbia (remote)
Work (php/MySQL/HTML/CSS) on Medicard's website (business: private medical insurance) and connections to its backend database.
2006 Sleepycat Software (USA various locations/remote)
Provision of a BDB-XML training program for Sleepycat clientele.
2006 MarkLogic San Mateo, CA USA
Subcontract for a MarkLogic client, providing Java- and JavaScript-based UI scaffolding for a complex MarkLogic Content Server-based web application. MarkLogic is a large-scale XML/XQuery-based content management system.
2005-2006 MAKE Technologies Vancouver BC, Canada
Senior Developer
Project lead for Data Migration Workshop, an in-house tool for XQuery-driven transformation of SQL- and XML-backended legacy data to J2EE format, in support of Make's legacy conversion business. (Java servlet-based.)
2004-2005 Fatdog Software Inc. Roberts Creek BC, Canada
Built the oscarsX website, an XML compendium of 78 years worth of Academy Awards data demonstrating the use of XQuery for asking and answering Oscar-related trivia questions. (Java servlet backended by a MarkLogic content server, database currently disconnected.)
2004-2005 World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Cambridge MA, USA
Invited Expert
Served on the RDF Data Access Working Group (DAWG) as a domain expert on XQuery. DAWG's mandate is to create a W3C query language recommendation for RDF.
2001-2005 Fatdog Software Inc. Roberts Creek BC, Canada
Wrote XQEngine, an embeddable native XML database and query processor (Java). One of the earliest XQuery implementations on the Web. Both open-source (GPL) and specialized under private-license.
1996-1999 Paradigm Development Corporation Vancouver BC, Canada
Software Developer/Senior Researcher
Took on various roles while at Paradigm:
  • Development work on a number of cross-platform apps under contract to Microsoft and Adobe (Mac, Windows, C++)
  • Technical evaluation of Java-based technologies (RMI, EJB, servlets, JDBC)
  • Authoring MS Clip Art Gallery Help files
  • QA testing of Japanese-localizations of MS Office components for Microsoft
  • Preparing Unicode CJK mappings for Adobe PageMaker component
  • Technical reporting on Japanese-language capabilities of Paradigm NCode viewer product
1995-1996 British Columbia Automobile Association Burnaby BC, Canada
Senior Programmer
Member of a five-person team developing a client-server application to handle over-the- counter sales of auto and travel insurance products in BCAA's 20 provincial offices. (MacApp, SQL, C++)
1981-1994 Various Contracts Vancouver BC, Canada
Developed numerous applications for government and small business (equipment rentals, restaurant food management, newspaper ad management, invoicing, wholesale inventory, fisheries management, airport management, dam break emergency call chains, etc.). (Fortran, Basic, dBase, Prolog, Pascal, Object Pascal, C, C++, Mac 68000 Assembler).
1976-1978 Secretary of State, Canada Vancouver BC, Canada
Japanese Freelance Translator
Translated some three dozen technical documents in a wide range of disciplines for scientists and technocrats in the Canadian Federal Government.

Hacking Oscar. An article at on the creation of the oscarsX website.


XsRQL: an XQuery-style Query Language for RDF. A submission to the W3C's RDF Data Access Working Group on a proposed syntax for a query language for RDF.


Using XQuery to transform an XML Vocabulary into RDF. A tutorial on XQuery-driven conversion of XML to RDF at IBM developerWorks.


XQuery from the Experts. I was the editor of this Addison-Wesley book, a collection of technical essays by members of the W3C's Query Working Group. I developed the concept for this book, solicited the participation of its ten authors, negotiated contracts, provided technical and editorial oversight, and coordinated scheduling and production.


SAX and Document Order. Four "tips" at IBM developerWorks on how to build relationship state between nodes during SAX processing.


JavaCC, parse trees, and the XQuery grammar. A two-part article at IBM developerWorks on BNF, JavaCC, and custom parsers.


An Introduction to XQuery. An article at IBM developerWorks looking at the W3C's proposed standard.


Jazzed on Java. A monthly online column on Java for Microsoft's Site Builder Network Magazine.


Frameworks. Edited the bimonthly journal of the MacApp Developer's Association, supporting programmers using Apple's C++ object-oriented framework.


Highly Objectionable. A monthly column on object-oriented programming for MacTech Quarterly.


OOP Notes. A monthly column on object-oriented programming for APDAlog, Apple Computer's quarterly journal for programmers and developers.


Made for Japan. A high-level overview of written Japanese and survey of Japanese word-processing software on the Macintosh (MacGuide).


Japanese To Go. A review of the EgWord Japanese word processor for Mac (MacUser).


Numerous articles on Mac products and programming for Byte, Dr. Dobbs, MacUser, and MacTutor magazines.

Other Activities and Accomplishments